Wednesday, July 30, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ July 23–July 29

This past week was not very eventful. Just the normal everyday stuff…the stuff that’s not interesting to anyone else but makes up most of our lives=)

On Saturday I went with Christina up to Kokomo to her girlfriends wedding. We were late – and we didn’t actually speed but we didn’t get there on time by driving the speed limit=) it was a lovely wedding, by the way.  Their reception had amazing food! but maybe I was just hungry.  I had so much fun just spending the day with Christina…did I mention she’s amazing?!?!? yeah I know I have=)

Sunday I spent in Brown County state park…lovely place to hike! I love that place more and more each time I visit.


Day 204


another late night…IMG_5194-001

Day 205


Day 206

~from an angle~IMG_5298-001

Day 207


and it rained…and rained!IMG_5310-001

Day 208


This was taken at Brown county…I love the mist coming off the trees. Stunning=)IMG_5363-001

Day 209


an old horse bit hanging in the barnIMG_5425-001

Day 210

~today I am…~

today I am making plans with this girl…new plan for my blog…more info coming soon=)IMG_5749-001

Please let me know what you think?!?!?!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Great pictures, I like brown county mist. You was in my neck of the woods when you was there.

  2. weathered brass, the fuzzy horse tack?… absolutely the boxer and beagles wrestling.