Monday, July 21, 2014

Ally’s birthday party!

My family is wild and that is an understatement. Maybe crazy would describe them better, yeah let’s go with crazy=) But crazy in a good way…at least I think so. Just look though the photos below and you will know what I’m talking about. This was one of the loudest party’s so far and that’s why it was so much fun!

Balloon popping, eating, laughing, joking, picture taking, and loads of fun sibling conversations=)

We all headed out on the front porch, after the party, to relax. We came out just in time to see a double rainbow…each color so distinct and they both had a complete viewable arch. So naturally everyone ended up out in the yard with phones, camera etc. trying to capture this magnificent view. Mine attempts sadly didn’t please me enough to end up on this blog…

I stayed up till midnight talking with the birthday girl…Alexandria=) I was reminded of how blessed I am to have this incredible girl as my sister. As the oldest she held our family together, back when I was still too young to remember (and before that). She had to take on a lot of responsibilities at a young age…that I, at 20, still haven’t had to face.  She was literally the glue that held this family together for a long time. And now, if I ever need to talk, she ALWAYS has time for me. She calls me at least once every few weeks just to make sure I’m doing okay…She’s amazing=)

I love you Zay=)


Yeah I admit it. We did get a bit carried away with the camera…=)

Happy Monday!



  1. Great pictures of your family Olivia. the love the one of your Dad. He has that serious Presidential look. LOL

  2. Beautiful and grand Wild Bunch