Wednesday, July 23, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ July 16–July 22

Soooo I went to my FIRST Amish sleep-over! =) I’m not kidding! Christina and I were inviting to a surprise birthday party, for our neighbor’s daughter, and we were asked to stay the night. We started the night off with a fabulous dinner…homemade sub sandwiches! Then we all went kayaking…there was eight of us all together on the river. Everyone laughing and yelling. There were three sets of sisters there…=) Christina and I were the only two “english” girls there. It was a chilly evening and we all got considerably wet, so we were shivering.


they decided to serve ice cream when we got back and punch to cool us off=) By the time we had finished playing cards, we had warmed up and maybe even dried off….some. I had so much fun! It got late and Christina gave into their persuasions and actually put on one of their dresses and a cap…she looked so cute=) We all got a good laugh. Late night talking which aways equals a perfectly grand time=) These sweet people even served us breakfast the next morning before we hurried back home to get ready to leave for church.

After church on Sunday Christina, Nate and I went to lunch with Ally’s boyfriend (she had to go to her god-daughter’s b-day party and he was free all afternoon) I believe it was my first time to really hang out with Jason without Ally. We all missed our sweet sister but it was wonderful to get just get to know our future brother-in-law better=) Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me and missed out on some great food/people shots=(

Sunday night our other Amish neighbors from across the field came over and played volleyball with us. The rest of my family had gone to the Sunday night service at our church, so it was just me and Christina at home. But counting everyone in their family, and including me and Christina, we had a perfect number for two teams of four. We won more than we lost and that all I’m going to say…haha.

Okay on to the pictures…enjoy=P

Day 197

~begins with a “T”~

ten dollar bill=) thanks to my dad for this idea!IMG_4576-001

Day 198


chicken I grilled for dinner, I believe it was basil chicken.IMG_4585-001

Day 199

~smells delicious~

at like 11:45 I remembered I hadn’t taken a picture…so Christina’s coffee was the only thing in the car and it really did smell wonderful! FWI people who work third shift drink coffee at night=) instead of in the morningIMG_4857-001

Day 200

~in the neighborhood~

since I don’t live in a neighborhood…this was as close as I got to one all day. IMG_4938-001

Day 201

~love is…~

awe doesn’t he just melt your heart?!?!?!?IMG_4945-001

Day 202

~cool drink~IMG_4946-003

Day 203

~an ordinary moment~

this is how I find Christina a lot when I arrive home from work…folding that days pile of our laundry. IMG_4951-001

I hope you all enjoy the pictures…please let me know which one is your favorite=)

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Great pics!! Sounds like you had a great week!! I like ~Starts with a "T''~ that is such a cool pic!

  2. I am glad you found that 10 spot I lost. I was for sure it was gone.
    Great Pictures Olivia!.