Wednesday, July 2, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ June 25–July 1

This week I’ve had my camera in hand a lot…taken it to work with me etc. I feel like now I have so many pictures I WANT to share and not enough time to blog them all. Oh well!

I met with my friend Ellyn for dinner on Wed. night last week. Some good food and even better conversation. We are both never at a loss for words when we talk and have such a good time…we always wonder why its taken us so long to hang out afterwards. We sat in restaurant for like three hours, and where did the time go? I don’t know=)

I keep telling myself to stop planning things during the week nights with friends I’m so tired when I go to work the next day, not to mention I’m very sluggish during my workouts. I love my friends. I don’t know where I’d be without them. But with the pressure’s of my life such as work, family, school, animals etc. are on, they (my friends) often get left on the back burner. (this has defined my past two summers) But I have some amazing friendships and I know the critical role they play in my life—particularly with stress relief—I know it’s never been so important to recognize and make time for them, then now, perhaps more than I currently am.…but life is too short for me to keep saying “if I had time, I would”.  I can’t wait for that magical day to free up. I must MAKE time now.

So this year when making my summer plans, I made them around friends. And I’m barely into the summer and have had a wonderful time so far with my friends and actually am getting the same amount of work and school done=) So a note to self…”stop stressing and enjoy your life, your only young once”.

Day 176


my favorite bed pants…=) everyone has to have one pair!IMG_3549-001

Day 177


Day 178


Day 179


Day 180


no words necessary…haha…this is one big horse=) IMG_3704-001

Day 181


Day 182

~out my window~

and this is what I see every day out my window…my birdfeeders =)IMG_3788-001

Hope your week was wonderful…and that this one is going just a good!


Happy Wednesday!



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