Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Isaac's first dunk=)

Excuse me as I brag on my brother for a moment....

He's in his junior in high school and his parents couldn't be more proud 

He's a fabulous basketball player note the video of his first dunk on JV

He's so dedicated spent long hours working out these muscles to actually be able to dunk at his height

He's so considerate...and this is when I decided he will make a fabulous husband one day. He woke Christina up last Sunday evening to ask if she wanted to go to church with him and the parents. She did and he looks at her face and says. "Good your makeup didn't smear, hurry touch it up and change..."

He's thoughtful and kind haha he will even cover me up at night sometimes when I have just painted my nails. Also this kid will watch any chic flick with Christina and me=) 

Someone please tell me if any other guy who knows these sort of things (girl makeup will smear if they sleep with it on, even for a few hours) I HAVE to meet him=) haha

And seriously he's genuinely a good kid...most youngest are spoiled but not this kid. He's parents do love him, but all of this attention is well deserved. Can't wait to see where life takes him. and hopefully he'll never loose his sweetness=)

besides all that he's so dang cute=)

Hope your week is going great!!!! =) 

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  1. How awesome is that? I bet you've all re-watched it at least a few times. It's neat how supportive you are of your family.

    1. Awe thanks!!!! It comes naturally, when you come from one this large...haha

  2. Awesome!! sounds like a wonderful young man and a very good basketball player.

    1. He is!!!! I'm so impressed with him=)