Monday, March 2, 2015

What’s Going On in February

Can you believe that March is here? Wow this year is flying. So here’s February’s update.


thinking – about my true core values…one’s that are actually mine and ones that I’ve only kept for my parents sake. I want to be my own individual, with my own value, beliefs and convictions. And live my life according to these. The pages of my life are turning quickly before my eyes. One by one, or is it more like the wind causing them to turn really fast by themselves?!?!? So I can’t waste anytime, I just have to hurry and get these are straight=)

watching – American Sniper…the last movie I watched completely through. It’s a good movie and very much worth the time and money I spent to see it. But I didn’t like it…I’m more of a chic flick kind of girl. But I definitely recommend it, for those that like that sort of thing. Also I’m watching snow quietly falling from my window. Gotta’ love it, the first day of March and we have snow…and robins.

eating – ummmm…I haven’t been hungry for much of anything lately so. But I did eat a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast, before I even ate my cereal. Hey don’t judge, it was very good=) Oh and I’ve been learning to eat without braces, it’s a completely different story. Loosing food or worse yet not getting it completely in my mouth, has been embarrassing. I’m not eating in public till I get this figure out,             again.

listening to – “Send it on” I seriously can’t stop singing this song or listening to it=) Also Danny Gokey’s new song More Than I Am…and this video is so cool too=)

reading – I started Seabiscuit and so far it’s good. For a non-reader type person, such as myself, it’s been successfully holding my interest. Also I’ve received several letters back from deployed soldiers I’ve written…reading them is always so interesting=) Sadly I’m stepping down from doing this…I’ve been writing for a year and it’s time for something else.

making  - I just made chocolate chip cookies for my orthodontist for my very last visit on Thursday. Also I made left over turkey shepherd’s pie on Saturday, along with a skillet pumpkin pie. (first one after this fail, but be sure I tasted the filling before baking it this time=) A lot of bread also for these people I live with.

wearing – Right now skinny jean, a sweater and wonderfully warm wool socks. My mom likes to keep our house right at 68 degrees. Drives me crazy, but I just put more clothes on=( but not without a lot of complaining. Lately with the temperature mostly below 15 degrees, it been these kind of clothes a lot.

needing - more hours in a day, I never get enough done. I need more than 12 hours of day light. I could totally go with a 24 hour day and maybe scratch the surface of all I need/want to get done. Have I over planned my year???? I, seriously, have so much happening in the coming 10 short months I’m feeling overwhelmed. TIME is the most precious commodity to me at the moment. But maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew…too many pots on the stove at once.

wishing – for spring temperatures so I can start running outside again…the treadmill is oh so boring. I workouted upstairs (everyone was gone) yesterday and actually worked up a sweat…it’s been forever, our basement is so ccccoooooold. Also I want to make maple syrup. It’s that time of year again and I miss doing it terribly. While in Tennessee one of the neighbors, near where we stayed, were boiling the sap down…and remembering that smell, I just wanted to cry.

feeling – very tired lately and not a whole lot of energy. But I’m in the best condition spiritually and emotionally that I have been in years. So now I just need to work on the physical aspect of my life. But maybe I should slow down some, that might actually help a lot .

loving – the wardrobe reduction Christina completed on Friday. Two huge bags of clothes went to Goodwill… our dresser is so much easier to maneuver through. But I can’t tell much of a difference in the closet, but we do have more free hangers…haha!

wanting – to start on writing out all my favorite recipes in these darling little cookbooks I just bought. I want to go sledding today. I want to take an Epson salt bath. (I don’t know why I just want too) I want a kitchenaid mixer. I want more patience with my siblings and other people in my life…they are not the over achiever I am and that’s fine. period.

So what about all of you??? what have you been up to lately? 



  1. The task of writing clearly and simply is never easy or simple. In fact,simple writing is an art to which many aspire and few achieve.
    I have watched you start to gain ground on this achievement. Keep up the good work Olivia and remember write from your heart. your best work comes from within you.

  2. Thanks Tim...I've been trying so hard and just being me on paper is tough. But I'm closer to my goal today than I was when I started this blog two years ago.