Friday, July 25, 2014

An Ordinary Evening

Here’s what a typical night looks like at my house…not everyone is ever at home during the week in the evening (unless we have a birthday party etc.) I love each and everyone of these people so much and am so grateful for them all. They have made my life so full and are the reason I come home from work, stay up late cooking, etc. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family to be a part of.

IMG_4410-001IMG_4414-001I grilled salmon….IMG_4431-001My beautiful sister…Hannah always in front of the sink=)IMG_4434-001This happens so much showing mom and dad things on our phones…IMG_4457-001He didn’t go and get his glasses this time, but we normally say “hey look at this” and have to wait while they go for their glasses=)IMG_4461-001IMG_4467-001IMG_4474-001Mom’s preparing the guys lunches the night before…IMG_4486-001Green beans freshly cannedIMG_4488-001Isaac and his weird way of eating watermelon, he almost eats the entire rind…???IMG_4489-001

My mom’s many face expressions…

(I love this one the most, it looks the most like her…she’s the kindest person I know and this picture, I think, shows that so well)IMG_4487-001IMG_4491-001IMG_4492-001IMG_4508-001IMG_4517-001And my dad…IMG_4499-001IMG_4530-001IMG_4531-001

Have a wonderful Friday! And remember to thank God for the family He’s given you=)



  1. Lasagne in the first picture? Looks good, as well as all the food. Your family is blessed and it works together to show a love of life and each other.

  2. Great job! Really enjoyed this entry. It was super interesting! :)