Wednesday, July 16, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ July 9–July 15

I’ve taken a picture a day, successfully, for one hundred and ninety days=) I can’t believe it either!!!!!

I decided to take on the feeding of some Amish friends animals, when they asked me too - while they’re away in Montana, for ten days. 11 horses! and that’s just the beginning…I’ve gotta’ feed the cows too=) annnnd gather the eggs. It’s been fun, I love taking care of animals! So in the evenings my chore load has grown considerably=)

I attended a friends wedding in Winchester OH on Saturday. And since it was close to my Amish girlfriends house I just headed over to her house after the ceremony. I love spending time with her…we had a lovely afternoon together=) So my Saturday was just about as perfect as they come. Stopping at a Old Time Pottery store on my way home was another plus to a already good day, I could spend hours in that store. But I needed to get home, so I just spent one hour in there=)

Christina and I bought a new chest of drawers for our room (see the picture below) and we spent last evening filling it with our clothes. Which ultimately resulted in the sorting of our entire wardrobe…we got rid of a lot of things, so now we’re both ready to go shopping AGAIN=)  From here we opened a tote filled with our decoration and started hanging and setting those out. Putting books in the the bookcase, etc. Well….after a fun/long evening in our room…our room looks more like a room=) I’m beginning to feel at home again in my own room!

Enjoy the pictures below!!!!!

Day 190


Day 191


Day 192

~black & white~IMG_4353-001

Day 193

~sometimes I...~

sometimes I feed with Christina….since she works nights I normally do it alone.IMG_4394-001

Day 194


I didn’t quit know how to depict this word…but I believe you can feel some from this picture=) I love dad’s quiet smile in this one, he’s blue eyes shine when he’s happy=)IMG_4474-001

Day 195


I share this new chest of drawers with my best friend Christina <3IMG_4505-001

Day 196

~what I wore~IMG_4542-001

Please let me know what you think about all these photos below=)

Happy Wednesday



  1. Awesome Pics! I like ~Toy~, ~what i wore~, ~black & white~, ~sometimes i...~ :D

  2. The Bear was my favorite! :)