Monday, July 28, 2014

Doing what I love=)

So these are the animals I wrote over here about feeding. I took my camera along one evening and here is the result=)

I fed the cows also, but since this chore required two hands, I got zero pictures of the process=)

I call all the horse…and here they come…some walking

IMG_4587-001(such a cutie….<3 )IMG_4592-001Others running….IMG_4602-001pretty sure I was going to start without them…hahaIMG_4609-001They just go in the barn and walk (or rush) into their stalls, they all know which one is theirs=)IMG_4618-001and don’t forget the chickens=)IMG_4627-001IMG_4649-001This little fatty was out with the chickens, absolutely adorable <3IMG_4652-001all the chickens followed me into the chicken house when I gathered the eggs…and they all hurried out when I was finishedIMG_4654-001He was so sad I was leaving…IMG_4657-001they were enjoying their fresh water….IMG_4658-001the martin houses still fascinate meIMG_4666-001all Amish have mail boxes with their names on them…pretty cool!IMG_4669-001IMG_4673-001

Thanks for joining my animal feeding tour…haha

Have a fabulous week=)


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  1. Cute Pics!! The mailbox thing is cool and cute! Adorable horses!!