Monday, January 26, 2015

Is a pie a pie?

So every since I was little this is how my family made a pie…a pie that would actually feed all twelve of us, Athertons. I saw this on instagram and realized we’re not the only ones that do this…it’s a big family thing. To be honest until I saw this picture  I’ve never once in my life given any thought to how strange our “pies” looked…our poor company.

Well I asked my boss if he would call that picture a pie. He said no, he’d call it a pudding, custard or a bar. A piece of pie has to be in the pie shape or it’s NOT a pie. Well naturally I disagreed with him. I believe a pie is a pie because of the way it’s made, not based on the shape. Soooooo fast forward 20 minute later in our now heated argument… I thought of pizza! So brilliant of me, I might add=) People call homemade pizza, pizza, and rarely is it ever make it in a circular pan. But as a rule it’s made on a baking sheet and it’s still called pizza, when of course we’re eating our square pieces=) I won the debate!

It’s official pie is pie, solely on the way it’s made! and yeah I made these=)IMG_5248_thumb1

And who doesn’t like some eye candy?…check out my adorable brother=) IMG_5287_thumb1

Happy Monday! I hope your week is wonderful!



  1. I will call it what ever you want as long as I get a slice! Can I still call it a slice even if its not a pie shape?
    Looks delish

  2. Haha! Yeah call it whatever you want too...I'm sure you would like it Tim=)