Friday, January 9, 2015

casey crocker’s Fried Chicken

It was so nice visiting with Casey last Sunday. We didn’t meet in December, because of all the holiday craziness, and I didn’t realize how much I had missed this beautiful face. Every time I go to her home, Carl and she have finished one more room and this time it was the dinning room, I felt like I had walked into room straight from pinterest…like those don’t seriously exist, but hey. I’m a believer now=) It’s so lovely!!!! Their entire house is just darling and the more the they do to it the cuter it get=)

So onto the fried chicken. Now this was the coolest thing for me to watch her make…coming from a person who’s never fried anything in their life. But after seeing this process, I’m confident that I can make fried chicken. well about 90% sure…haha. But she honestly made it look so easy. But then I shouldn’t be to ambitious, Casey makes everything look easy.

IMG_7278IMG_7282IMG_7284IMG_7294IMG_7296IMG_7299IMG_7308IMG_7319IMG_7320IMG_7324IMG_7334IMG_7342IMG_7347IMG_7349This is the messy, but most significant, part. IMG_7362IMG_7382IMG_7386IMG_7393IMG_7400I sounded like a little kid (haha, I squealed) when she started turning them the first time. Like seriously she’s made fried chicken!IMG_7416IMG_7428IMG_7456IMG_7443IMG_7453IMG_7463IMG_7466IMG_7468Looks so good!!!!IMG_7472IMG_7481IMG_7483IMG_7486IMG_7518

I sorta got carried away with the after pictures, I was so amazed! That I actually witnessed fried chicken being made! and the kitchen wasn’t covered in grease. But knowing me, my kitchen probably would be.

Jump over to Casey’s blog for this fried chicken recipe=) you know you want to make it.



  1. Those look so good. Great pictures and story.

  2. Looks great! I love frying food! I have fried Doughnuts, Chicken, French Fries, and a few other things. It sometimes takes awhile, and is really messy. But worth it :)

    1. Wow Grace! you are quite the cook I need to learn a bit from you=)

    2. Haha! Not really. But if it would get you to come over, sure I am an awesome cook! ;D

    3. Seriously Grace...I guess I will have too...have your mom text me=)