Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Christmas

This Christmas was the best one I’ve celebrated as an adult so far…in my short life. No snow, fairly warm and still the BEST Christmas=)

We all slept in, we have no little ones to make us wake up early…even though my internal alarm clock doesn’t let me sleep in as late as the typical person, (or the rest of my family) it was still nice to lay in bed till it was at least gray outside. We did our traditional candy bag hunt and the guys all read the Christmas story, after blowing out Jesus’ cake’s candles. (I felt like such a little kid…lol) We also had an ugly sweater contest (Ally won! I guess hers was the ugliest haha). Our gift opening was slow and so fun, without the rush of young children to dampen the adult enjoyable atmosphere. Christina and I passed out gifts this year…it’s actually not as fun as it looked. Next year I’ll leave it to the boys. Then we all changed into our pajamas and everyone helped put the pizza’s together for a late lunch. Mom was tired of the traditional meal and clean up, so pizza it was, along with the use of paper plates at every meal. Cheese cake and apple dumplings for dessert. Yeah, pretty perfect!

The only cloud to this perfect day was the fact that Christina had to work that night and I got a mild case of food poisoning Christmas night. So I had to bid farewell to all that wonderful holiday food I had eaten.

Grace spent the night here Christmas Eve and stayed here till Sunday morning=) So since I had been sick and was pretty weak for a few days, I hung out with her the entire weekend. Lots of good conversations and so many helpful pieces of advice. Sometimes I forget that the best advice always comes from family, they know you the best.


We played board games the rest of the afternoon and finished off the day with a few movies. I was feeling so badly that I didn’t have the energy to take any more pictures…



  1. Great pictures , sorry to hear you got sick.

    1. Thanks! Yeah it was a bummer but oh well.

  2. Looks like you had an awesome Christmas!! Love the pictures :)

    1. We glad you enjoyed this post=)