Wednesday, June 18, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ June 11-June 17

This past weekend I went to this massive flea market in Lancaster Ohio. An Amish girlfriend of mine lives over that way, so I drove over Friday night and took her and her husband to it the following day. I bought some I guess their called fighter chickens, for my boss. One rooster and two hens. buying them was the easy part. I didn’t think about the trip home, they smelled horrible! Every time, no fail, when I would get the least bit drowsy that rooster would crow…it scared the time out of me the first time. After that my heart would just speed up a bit=) A very interesting three hours on the road.

That’s all for this week! Enjoy the photos=)

Day 162


I guess I could have taken a picture of something chocolate colored…we didn’t have anything chocolate in the house, so I took this…IMG_2317-001

Day 163


Thanks Hannah for being such a good sport=)IMG_2395-001

Day 164


Day 165


Day 166


a home-style meal…=) IMG_2834-001

Day 167


Day 168


Happy Wednesday!!!

Remember to let me know which picture/s is your favorite=)



  1. I like the ~exercise~ Picture the best:) I think it was a neat shot!! I also like ~Jump~

  2. You always do such a good job on your blog!!! Loved the pictures... :)