Monday, January 19, 2015

My week alone in Shipshewana

Tomorrow I’m going up to Shipshewana Indiana for my quarterly (yeah I’m a bookkeeper, even use those terms in my everyday life…haha) checkup with my food nutrition advisor. In the spirit of that, dreaded three and a half hour drive, I thought I’d share some photos from my time there. The very first week of my favorite month (December), alone (when I love to be with my family, this time of year), missing my horse, and for an entire WEEK! I was lonely  to say the least…A little back ground on why I was there….I went for week of meetings with a ministry trained to help people Biblically deal with life issues.

I brought most of my food with me, so I even ate healthy here….lol=) For breakfast I took a couple cups of dry oat for overnight oatmeal. As you can see I love cauliflower…haha!IMG_6270Being off work for a week never works for the bookkeeper/secretary of a business…so here was my makeshift “work desk” for the week.  I was in communication everyday with my boss, definitely NOT a vacation at all!IMG_6272My Bible/journal/study guide-they go with me everywhere=)IMG_6278And I did it…I took my yoga mat and resistance band with me…a hotel gym is always empty, so I spent most of my evenings taking advantage of all that FREE equipment, as well=) Oh and look who my boss sent up to spend the day with me, Christina…my BEST friend! Here is how she looks going onto her second 24 hours with no sleep.IMG_6284IMG_6312..lovely=)















Country Christmas was on the first night there…and since we don’t have a TV at home, I never watch it. But here to the one plus to being in a hotel=) in December too! IMG_6302I got so tired of buggies, but then again I’m tired of them at home too…so just increase their popularity by say a couple hundred and I could have just gone insane…haha!IMG_6320Since most of the populous, up in this part of Indiana ,is mainly Amish I didn’t see a whole lot of Christmas lights, except for right in town. I forgot to bring the power cord for my computer and the nearest Staples was was about a half an hour west of me. There I got to see some lovely Christmas lights. But of course I was driving and taking pictures is never in the equation when I am.IMG_6343This horse is insanely cute! At a little cafè with Christina…the food was delicious!  IMG_6331IMG_6405IMG_6408

Another disappointment of this week was that I, normally a very good sleeper, didn’t sleep through the night once while I was there. When I got home I went straight to bed. And boy did it feel soooo good to actually sleep=)

I had such a good time despite being by myself for a week and the lack of proper sleep. It was lonely but I learned so much…and am so glad I took the time and spent the money to do this. It was an investment that will continue to guide and support me every single day, for years to come.


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  1. Love the pictures. Always enjoy hearing about your adventures.