Friday, January 23, 2015

What’s Sam doing these days

“One touch is all it takes….to make a girl fall in love with a horse”

My baby is taking it easy, pleased to spend these winter months living a good ol’ lazy life. He’s enjoying all the long winter nights tucked away in his stall. By the way it’s his absolute favorite place in the whole world to be. Surrounded by food day and night, he couldn’t ask for a better way to wait for spring=) I only ride him over my lunch breaks and on the weekends if it’s sunny and not windy. (he doesn’t like wind or frozen ground and I like to actually feel my fingers and toes when I ride). He deserves the break -  I mean he’s 22! even if I constantly need to remind myself of this permanent fact.

But in the middle of my day, when I’m stressed…sometimes to the point of tears I go to the barn and steady my emotions by leaning on my understanding horse, Sam.

This quote sums up how I feel…

“So now again I look to my horse to heal me, to reassemble the broken parts. To steady my thoughts, which drift and spiral like wondering planets, just outside their proper orbit. That sweet horsey smell, the familiar cadence of a canter, the sound of hooves in the aisleway – these are the things that keep me the sane.”   ~Paige Cade, Tobego Sport HorsesIMG_5154Below is Buster…he always leaves his tongue out after he drinks water, no matter the temp outside. (It was in the single digits out, when I took these pictures of him). I just HAD to share these=)IMG_5169IMG_5184

I enjoy standing in the open doorway, before I close it for the night, pausing for a moment to listen to the horses munching their grain. The smell of grain, hay, dust and horses all blended together, creating a perfect moment for this horse lover=)

“No matter how BAD your day is…. There is Always someone waiting for you at the barn”

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