Monday, June 9, 2014

Photography+me what you didn’t know.

Hey there…I’m sure the title of this post really caught your attention. We are all curious creatures by nature, we can’t help it=)

Okay here goes nothing….

  • I hate to have my picture taken…that’s probably why I like to TAKE pictures, because then I don’t have to be in front of the camera. I have declined taking pictures for people’s functions (like weddings) because I hate being in front of people. I didn’t even walk up closer to the altar when my sister was baptized-to get the perfect picture. something I will always regret. I don’t know why I feel this way…partially because I don’t like having my back to anyone, also because I feel that my camera is inferior.
  • Photography is only a hobby. period.
  • I like constructive criticism…but once after I had posted some pictures on Facebook a random lady messaged me. After politely insulting me and my pictures she asked me to just friend her so we could chat more. um I don’t think so. So maybe I’m a big baby or take rude people way to seriously. haha! But hey criticize my pictures all you want, just leave me out of it=)
  • My favorite place to take pictures is at a restaurant, but I’m normally too embarrassed to pull my camera out. 
  • When my siblings ask me to take pictures for them I normally say no first…why? I don’t know, I’m working on that….still


Have a wonderful Monday!



  1. Love the pictures Olivia. You do such a great job with your camera. You have a talent behind the lens I hope you are able to open up and be able to work at weddings and such. You do such a great Job.

  2. Weddings can be a pain. I don't like them either. I saved Linda's cousin's wedding's photos because the professional photographer's didn't come out. (Back in the film days). I would much rather be another guest with a camera, that way the pressure is off. Anyway you miss so much if all you're doing is the photography. I don't like having my back to people either. Linda says it's because of the military. Your photos don't say inferior camera, that's all that counts. Expensive cameras just have a buch of stuff that try to make everyone a professional. It doesn't work.

    1. Finally someone has the same feeling....thanks for all your encouragement!

  3. Love these flower pictures!!

  4. I enjoy your photography and with time hobbies turn to passion.

    1. Thanks Wade your very encouraging=)