Wednesday, June 4, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ May 28-June 3

I didn’t feel like this weeks pictures turned out very well but after going through them and editing them…I was pleasantly surprised!

A man drowned on Thursday, at White Rock Park (IN) after jumping from a platform. (we used to live close to this park) He was only 30! Apparently this platform, he jumped from, is 30 ft. high and the water below was 20 ft. deep. Only one person is suppose to jump at a time and he and his friend both jumped at the same time. I don’t really think this had much to do with his death. His friend surfaced-but he never did. I can only imagine what his friend feels like. This was a very sudden reminder that life is nothing but a vapor and we are all not guaranteed tomorrow. My future is in the hand’s of my Creator and as a believer I have peace in knowing where I’m going, when my time is up.

On Saturday I went trail riding for the first time with my friend Lynnell. I arrived early and helped her pick her strawberries (I absolutely love picking strawberries btw) and then we saddled up and headed out. I rode her Tennessee walker, Peggy, and she a cute little red roan, named Sky. It’s hard to describe the feeling I get when I’m riding under the blue sky, wind blowing through my hair, sunshine burning down on my neck and arms, and all around me the birds are singing…and best of all I’m on a horse! how do you describe that?!?!?…YELL just yell at the top of your lungs!   We rode for five hours=) So much fun! I got a fair amount of sun to say the least=)

Sunday I turned right around and went for a 6 mile ride with Christina and one of her Amish girlfriends…I love “girl”  conversations…aka dreaming out loud. And this time I was on my own beautiful horse, Sam. It was lovely out that day as well, but just as we were leaving a storm began to blow in with a much needed rain. Oh and I drove the horse trailer on the highway for the first time…I was terrified! lol, but hey now I can do it…so watch out=)

Day 148


my friend Anita bought me this little bitty camera at a flea market before she moved to Ohio last year…I’m so in love with it.IMG_2001

Day 149

~piece of furniture~

lots of memories come to mind when I see this bench. Growing up it was my assigned seat…I have shared it with my two older sister and two younger brothers at one point and time. I miss those days. One day then was like a week is today.IMG_2009-001

Day 150

~rug~ IMG_2013-001

Day 151

~in/on my hand~

June is here and so are the strawberries!!!!!IMG_2030-001

Day 152


making my overnight oatmeal=) it’s so yummy, didn’t think I would like it cold – but I do=)IMG_2041-001

Day 153

~in my hood~IMG_2093-001

Day 154


Happy Wednesday! and please let me know which is your favorite picture.




  1. Great job!! I like "breakfast" And "In My hand" And really all of them:)

    1. Thanks Gracie...breakfast would probably be mine as well=) miss you girl!

    2. Your welcome! Miss you too!!! <3

  2. Drooling over the strawberries. Out here in the desert we can't get decent ones. They are picked green then allowed to ripen on the way-yuck!

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    2. yeah I don't like fruit that way either...i could sit in a strawberry patch and eat all day=)