Wednesday, June 25, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ June 18-June 24

This week was so eventful from the ‘get go’. (I don’t know what ‘get go’ really means, but I’ve said it right along with all my family for well – my entire life) I went to Shipshewana for a Doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and for this trip I dragged my parents along…haha. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! I was able to spend the entire day alone with both of my parents. this almost never happens anymore. We had such a good time, shopping, eating and (my favorite) people watching=)

I actually left my schedule book behind this weekend, as I headed down to a little town in southern Indiana, near French Lick, with the most dearlin’ name of Birdsong. (actually if you blink as you drive through it, you might miss this bitty town all together=) It was so freeing not to have my schedule with me, I didn’t HAVE to do anything…I felt lost that Friday evening without it and the next day a tiny bit, but I soon got over it and just enjoyed myself=)  I went there to visit a girlfriend who I met at work last spring. For some reason we clicked and have kept in touch, ever since she moved down there last winter. It was great to spend this much time together!  Four wheeling, hiking, great food, and a fun conversation was my weekend in a nut shell.

What was your weekend like?!?!?!


Day 169

~today I…~

today I went to Shipshewana with my parents=)IMG_3290-001

Day 170

~groceries~ IMG_3315-001

Day 171

~upside down~

adorable beagle hound puppy…born just days before this picture was taken=) IMG_3336-001

Day 172


yeah I forgot…so I just looked back through the pictures I took and whala I found this one of Katie’s earrings=) sometimes you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do=)IMG_3472-002

Day 173


my best friend…missed being with her so much this weekend, even though my time with friends was a blast=)IMG_3479-001

Day 174

~happiness is…~

happiness is watching new life begin, baby wrens - in our raspberry bushIMG_3503-001

Day 175


=) I absolutely love this lady! IMG_3518-001

Happy Wednesday!!!!!!

And please tell me which photo(s) you like the best=)




  1. Great post!! I LOVE the birds in the nest! They are so cute!! great picture! Sound like you had a fun, exciting weekend! My Grandparents from TX were here, and we went to the zoo with our Mammaw! That was fun! We got to watch the Dolphin show, and pet "dog Sharks" it was fun, but very hot:) I guess that just comes with summer!

    1. Awe you went to the zoo...I love the zoo!!!! oh yeah nothing beats a fantastic dolphin show=) Don't tell anyone but I'm ready for winter=)

  2. great pictures. Love the beagle pup.

  3. Oh, yes I also meant to say, I like the picture of you and Christina!!

    1. Okay!!! I'm glad you liked that one=)

  4. The puppy is adorable... :)

  5. Hound puppy and the baby wren… the Shipshewana pendant reminded me of the trip I took out there to deliver chuck wagon wheels in 2007. An Amish wagon wheel maker named Calvin builds and repairs the old wooden wagon wheels for my brothers chuck wagons.

    1. Wow how neat! thanks for taking the time to tell me about cool!

  6. My Favorite is the baby birds!! They are so cute!