Wednesday, June 11, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ June 4-June 10


Last Friday night I went to a rodeo to watch a friend bull ride…yeah you read that right=) It was two hours away somewhere in Ohio (after we passed Cincinnati I was lost). It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Now I get scared for the riders even when I don’t know them…but when I do it’s even worse, I almost made myself sick. It was so fun though…I was out pretty late that night and I had a test in Indy the next morning but oh well=)

Sunday Christina and I went on a little over three hour ride together…just the two of us and our horses=) It was cool out with a light breeze and a clear sky over head…couldn’t have picked a better day.  We stopped on our way back to visit with an Amish family…and they convinced us to have dinner with them. I never like to leave Sam tied, but he did very well – even though there were some teenage female horses on the other side of the fence and you know how things goes – those girls were beside themselves, to say the least=)

My boss’s mare had a filly on Thursday – I can’t wait till they bring her back home…I want to see her so bad!

Okay so here are the seven new photo’s, this week it was hard to get in the mood to take them. But despite the odd against me I managed to get all seven=) I even remembered I hadn’t taken one at 11:45 pm one day – whoa that was close!


Day 155


I bought the latest Rascal Flatts CD even though I practically had to run out of the store, thanks to Isaac for MAKING me get it…it’s so hard for me to spend money on things like this anymore.  But it was so worth the money spent=) IMG_2149-001

Day 156


Day 157


just full of white clover…at least their not dandelions, haha!. IMG_2173-001

Day 158


reading this book at the moment. I really am enjoying it. Learning new things and bringing back to mind some points I had almost forgotten.IMG_2201-001

Day 159


This was the famous photo taken at like 11:45 pm….=)IMG_2246-001

Day 160

~my smile~

braces and all…SMILE=)IMG_2264-001

Day 161


our wonderful dog Baron…it’s hard to get him to stay in a position long enough…AWAY…from me to get a good photo. IMG_2284-001

Happy Wednesday and I hope your week is going as well as mine is.

Please let me know which photo you like best=)



  1. I really like the picture of Baron! He is such a cute dog! I like the shot of the Rascal Flatts CD. I also like the "Road" Picture!! Good job!!

    1. Thanks Grace...Baron is a wonderful dog! oh you liked both of those to...i'm glad=)

  2. Good job Isaac. Entertainment is not a waste of money. I like the book.

    1. Thank Yeah the book was my favorite from these seven as well.

  3. My favs are ~Lawn~ ~Reading~ ~Pet~ Great week of pics!! Keep it up.

    1. Reading! yay!!! that's my favorite two=) glad you like it also. Thanks for taking the time to comment

  4. Have to go with the picture of Barren being my favorite! He is adorable! :)

    1. Thanks Hannah=) he's a wonderful dog!

  5. I have to agree with Hannah. Barren is so cute!! You have been doing it for almost 200 days you can do it!!! :) ~Hannah

    1. THANKS HANNAH!!!! for noticing that...I'm trying and with God's help I can do this=)