Wednesday, August 20, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Aug 13–Aug 19

Hello all!

As y’all can tell I changed my blog name…from girl in camo photography to girly ‘n camo. The reason for this being I feel like this name describes my blog more accurately and is a lot easier for me to I’m one for change and I hope you like the new name as well=)

All weekend  was spent cooking. I began with pancakes Saturday morning.  Then dinner Saturday night, I grilled herb chicken and made the normal sides to go with it. On top of that I made dessert - peach upside down cake and brownies=) Both were yummy! On Sunday I roasted a 20 lb. turkey and made breakfast sausage to freeze. A perfect way to spend a weekend for someone whose obsessed with cooking like me. The only down side to cooking for me, is that it absolutely wreaks havoc on my weekly Friday manicure. On Monday I looked down at my nails and cringed…they’ll just have to wait till Friday, as much as it pains me to look at them.

Isaac and I rode 15 miles on our bikes, Sunday afternoon. He’s a very deep kid, surprisingly, and after about mile 8 he starts talking. Wow and as always I’m impressed with his very mature 16 year old mind. Like a choice he made recently, purely because he knew if he didn’t, it would hurt his mom. Really! in a day and age where it’s not uncommon to do what YOU want and not worry about what others think…or how it will make them feel…we have a boy here with big life dreams and he cares enough about what’s truly important to redirect these ideas, so he will actually get to live these dreams and have his parents admiration along the way. Not just when he archives his goals. I can only say I hope if I ever have a child it’s half the kid that my brother is.

Last night I was out on Brookville lake…swimming and riding on the boat. Isaac and I swam in 100 ft of water…first time for both of us. It was very cool=)

Day 225

~a corner~IMG_6965-001

Day 226


do you know what this is?IMG_6967-001

Day 227


Day 228


Saturday night I stayed up late canning these banana peppers with my mom. We had never done this before and had a great time learning together=)IMG_7000-001

Day 229

~an animal~

I love these soft eyes…IMG_7022-001

Day 230


Isaac and one of his friends each won these by making the basketball shot. And they both gave them to me=)IMG_7056-001

Day 231


Happy Wednesday!


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