Wednesday, August 27, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Aug 20–Aug 26

Last week went by very quickly…it was like I snapped my fingers and the weekend was upon me. Trying to fit everything in before I left for North Carolina was tough but I managed. Only thing I couldn’t find time to do was clean my office…and I’m still paying for it…I can’t find the time to get it cleaned as of this week either. So I wipe the dust away before I proceed with work on that desk…haha, as much as I hate it I’ll make it.

I had a quiet party with just family…I didn’t want anything fancy.

North Carolina was AMAZING! I will write more about it and show you pictures in an up coming post=) eeeeekkkkk it was so much fun! I can’t wait to share it with you all!

On to the pictures…enjoy!!!!

Day 232


Day 233


my mom made these for my party, they were sooooo good! =)IMG_7228-001

Day 234


a birthday gift to me from Anne….she’s a fantastic knitter and these fingerless mittens were every bit of perfect.IMG_7394-001

Day 235


Cape Lookout in North CarolinaIMG_7472-001

Day 236

~favorite kind of candy~

I hope this counts as a candy, because it’s my favorite and the closes thing to candy that I will eat nowadays… IMG_7734-001

Day 237


I went to an Amish families for dinner and they made a huge batch of cookies for lunches/snacks etc. for the coming week. I had so much fun helping them. IMG_7757-001

Day 238

~something new~

Casey’s new camera she won off a blog giveaway…I guess those things really work=) It’s so nice!IMG_8307-001

Happy Wednesday y’all=)

…and don’t forget to let me know which photo’s are your favorite=)



  1. Great pictures. I want a cupcake!!! they look delish

  2. I think my favorite is ~texture~ those look really good! Are the chicks yours? They are adorable:)