Thursday, August 14, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Aug 6–Aug 12

Finally found the time (here at work) to put this post together. I’m over my head in work this week…can’t seem to find the time for anything remotely personal. I’m up late every night doing something – working-out at eleven pm has got to stop. I’ve come in to work late everyday this week – over slept or something along those lines. I need to get to bed before one and when I actually lay down, stop checking facebook, instagram etc. just go to sleep.

Tuesday night I was invited over to see the eleventh child of some Amish friends of mine. It was born just the morning before. So adorable! I’m not a baby person and most of them aren’t cute just after birth and I won’t lie about them being cute either. But this little girlie was something else. 

Isaac and I picked corn. Lots. Lots. Lots. and lots of it! Last night. I love doing anything with this incredible guy. Then we marched through weeds over our head to fill two bags with elder berries, for our sweet mom. Should have seen her face when she looked in the bags=) Made walking through all those tall weeds worth it.

So here’s this weeks photos are a day late…but there ARE here none the less=)


Day 218

~black & white~IMG_6520-001

Day 219

~far away~

I miss this place so much! sometime it hurts…I miss every little thing about it. I even miss the scalding attic in the summer. And I wouldn’t complain if I could JUST go down to the cellar, one last time. IMG_6544-001

Day 220


Gladiolas…one of the most beautiful garden flowers=) IMG_6553-001

Day 221

~favorite room

The kitchen would take first place in this contest=) mom making sausage patties IMG_6621-001

Day 222


I saw this bike show like four times so far at the state fair…it still makes me scream=)IMG_6819-001

Day 223

~where I stand~

after an evening workout…I was standing in the kitchen drinking a glass of cold water.IMG_6906-001

Day 224


just out of the oven - waiting to cool on brown paper…when I’m bored I bake cookies=)IMG_6910-001

Have a fabulous day! and remember to let me know which photo you enjoy most! =)




  1. Great pictures Olivia!! That bike show looks scary!! I like the ~outdoors~ picture the best! they are so pretty! That was a great picture! Aww... that is kind of sad seeing that picture of your old house! I miss the place too and I did not live there! LOL! It was always such great time to go to your house and visit with you:) <3 I miss it! And I know how you feel! We just left our childhood home... It is still so unreal! I miss the other place a lot!! :(

    1. Thanks Grace. I know right! it's hard to leave a place you love. I'm happy that we could share that place with so many others=)

    2. I am happy you shared it with many others;) <3

  2. Wow you sound busy! That is so awesome that you have a aerial view of your old place. I have a few memories there myself. That hill is where Faith lost her teeth. So I guess I like that pic, but photography wise my favorite is probably, Outdoors, or Paper. Those cookies look so good! I hope you have an awesome less busy week! ~Hannah

    1. The three oldest kids gave that picture to the rest of the family for Christmas this past year. As you can imagine there were alot of tears... Yeah THAT hill...=) The cookies were

  3. Replies
    1. Awesome right! lol those guys were crazy!

  4. Just back from visiting family. The farm I grew up on has been bulldozed over and they are building a VA hospital there, so no going back.

    1. awe I'm so sorry to hear that
      ...isn't it a bit weird how we as ppl can somehow get so attached to a place that we called home?....

  5. Loved the BMX guys pic... :) Fun times!