Tuesday, August 12, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ July 30–Aug 5

So last Wednesday did you wonder where this post was?…=) My computer started acting up and I took it in for a quick weekend virus removal. And that turned into a week…a full 7 days without my computer! Crazy!

Not only was my personal stuff, blogging, etc. put on hold. But so was work…so I bought another back up computer the following Monday. A very stressful couple of days for me…in which I worked several twelve hour days. But I’m alive still and much better because of this situation. I learned a lot…like that I can handle a major problem like this and make the necessary decisions by myself. my boss was out of town and I had to make all the decision concerning this alone.

Besides this I spent a lot of time at the Indiana State Fair with my family and friends…Christina posted on facebook …”3rd time at the fair…next year I think I want to live there for all 3 weeks!=) I can’t get enough of it=)”  She’s going to kill me…haha!  I like it but not as much as she does…just the people the excitement…not to mention the smells=) Fair food is one of my weaknesses…but most of the time I’m good with just smelling it.

Okay on to the seven new photos of this week…no…last week=) sorry!

Day 211


I’m in love with her handwriting and she’s still writing to me at 91…I feel so honored to have this jewel of a woman taking the time out of her day to send me beautiful letters.IMG_6094-001

Day 212

~summer is…~

summer time as a kid…I spent many hours in the cool sand of the sand pile. Don’t you sometimes wish you could be a kid again?…or am I the only one.? =)IMG_6111-001

Day 213


Day 214


Jonathan with both of his boys…looking at fish at the state fair. JT is only 6 and already shares his dad’s love for fishing=)IMG_6273-001

Day 215


Fair again! purchase the water before not at the fair…lol or you will spend a fortune on that one bottle of water=)IMG_6454-001

Day 216


my new computer, pretty neat huh?!?!?!IMG_6475-001

Day 217


Victoria cleaned the garage this week…it looks so good! IMG_6477-001

Let me know which photo’s your favorite…=)

Happy Tuesday!




  1. I really wanted to go to the fair!!!! I just LOVE to do stuff like that with friends. But with dads work we never got to. Sounds like a ton of fun! Great job with the pics! ~Hannah

  2. Yes, I sometimes wish I could be a kid again. But I enjoy being older. ;) Being the oldest in a family of 8 kids make me feel a LOT older than I really am. ~Hannah

  3. The handwriting is art, though so is the sandy dump truck.

  4. I love these pictures! I like ~Water~, ~Pretty~ and ~summer is…~ Christina was cute:) And that was just a neat shot of both Pretty and Summer is...