Friday, August 8, 2014

From my horses back…

So this is what I see when I go riding…I went last Saturday morning, it was a missy damp morning. I felt like I was on a movie, I always feel like this whenever I ride in the rain=) And I always want to yell…just because I can=)

there’s no better way to start your day, than on horse.

but on Sam - it equals the perfect morning=)

He wasn’t too impressed with this idea. He likes me to pay attention to him the entire time. And when I don’t he starts acting up and just doing pretty pathetic stuff. So since I was concentrated on my camera - he walked into the corn field, stole leaves and grass (he never normally does this) tripped like crazy and tried turning around just whenever he felt like it. I had to take a break and just calm him down and assure him I was noticing him. then we were good=)

IMG_4861-001IMG_4867-001IMG_4871-001we always see so much wildlife and this morning was no different…see the startled wild turkey?IMG_4878-001the best view in the the world=)IMG_4888-001behind me….IMG_4891-001IMG_4892-001IMG_4897-001IMG_4901-001the clouds parted for a little=)IMG_4916-001IMG_4930-001homeward stretch – he’s all alert and paying attention to the other horses…not me…hahaIMG_4934-001

What did you think of the little piece of my world?




  1. Awesome post! I love the pics! Your so lucky to have a horse=) I think your little piece of world is amazing=)

  2. Ahhh I LOVE it!!! It looks so absolutely, amazing! I really would LOOOOOOVE to have a horse. But you already know that... Great post! I really like it when you do horse posts. ~Hannah