Wednesday, March 5, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Feb. 26–Mar. 4

First thing this week, I attended a seminar about Microsoft Excel. Monday was on the basic of this software and Tuesday went on to advanced Microsoft Excel. Very interesting and I learned so much. I really enjoyed it! It was taught as a hands off class (without computers) and I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to learn this way. But actually this way of teaching really was good for me. Watching him preform it on the screen and taking notes…I went home with a whole new world opened to me. That world is Microsoft Excel=) It was a lot of sitting…too much so I ended up standing most of both days.
The man who taught these classes, life story really inspired me. One quote, he mentioned the first day stuck out to me.
“A formal education will earn you a living, self education will earn you a fortune.” ~Jim Rohn

Day 57
~old photo~
Photo of my handsome daddy in the Marines when he was my age=) This picture hangs on the wall in our hallway. It includes a picture of four generations, down to my dad.IMG_7586-001

Day 58
~favorite spot~
At the moment it’s the kitchen…sorry it’s not perfectly clean. IMG_7601-001

Day 59
~I ate…~
I ate a smoothie for breakfast…it was so good. Blackberry banana=) so yummy! IMG_7624-001

Day 60

Day 61
outside my window this morning…. We had an ice storm this Sunday morning and I was able to just watch the birds feed at the feeders for once. I couldn’t help but think of this verse  …“His eye is on the sparrow…” IMG_7658

Day 62
My mom getting the toast out of the oven, one evening, for dinner in the kitchen=)IMG_7714-001

Day 63
~where I sat~
I was at that Microsoft excel seminar all day and I didn’t take my camera in…oh well I wasn’t really sitingjust trying to make myself feel better for forgetting it. so I took a picture of where I spent some of the sitting part of my day. In my car=)IMG_7759-001
I hope you all have had a wonderful week. Please let my know what you think=)
Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. I like the smoothie picture the best. It looks so good!

    1. I know it was wonderful! thanks for your imput Gracie=)

  2. Great pictures Olivia, I have to say I like the bird

    1. Thanks! Such a cute little guy=)

  3. Victoria AthertonMarch 5, 2014 at 8:09 AM

    Wow, I love the thought you put into these pictures... So fun to see and read :) LOVE the smoothee picture!!!! :)

    1. Thanks Victoria....ikr! gotta love a good smoothie=)

  4. Grandpa in the Navy? That was me.

    1. Yes he was and I take it you were also?

  5. Wonderfull. ;-) Nice pictures and your text is ever worth reading.

    1. Thank much! I'm so glad you enjoy it=) Comments like yours are the reason I keep blogging.

  6. These are nice picture Olivia!! I like the smoothie, bird, and your Dad's marine pictures the best. :)