Thursday, March 13, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Mar. 5-11

You were probably wondering yesterday why this post wasn’t up…WELL here’s the scoop on that.
*Big inhale*
Monday morning I get up ready to workout and put my workout DVD into my computer, long story short I couldn’t get my computer to respond to the disc. So I did a circuit workout and shut it down and headed to work, thinking that this problem would be fixed by just powering it off. Well it didn’t. I tried restarting and every other thing I could think of. It wouldn’t even power down. Well no work got done all morning. I ran several errands for work and finally came to the conclusion at 2:00 pm that I was going to need some outside assistance and called a computer service center. They ran a scan and I had a virus! or many I’m not sure how many it take to shut a computer down but whatever happened it shut mine down. And they would have to have my computer for three….THREE….(yeah you read that right) 3 whole days, to fix it!
Up until this point I didn’t know how much I relied on this thing. I have my personal and work to do list and schedules on here. I’m such a list person that was a big blow to my life me. I went to the store that day and bought a day by day planner, so I can handwrite my “to do” and every other list I make with a pen and I will have it no matter what. All my pictures are on my computer so naturally blogging also came to a screeching halt. 
So I  bought another temporary computer to upload my online backup work files onto and continue working until mine was fixed. But my internet connection was too slow and the support call line was so full it took me two hours (well at least it felt like it) to get a live person on the phone and then of course they had to transfer me to yet another rep. Well I never did get those files uploaded. I was so stressed over this entire ordeal that my boss told me to take a break and ride my horse. Gotta love my job=)
So for two days I sat in my office and organized the ever growing pile of paper work to be done when my computer came back and answered the phone. I also studied and prepared for my up coming test this weekend, so all in all I had a couple of productive days, just wasn’t doing what NEEDED to be done.
I got my computer back last night and wow it’s amazing how much better life got right then=)
So that’s the story. Crazy couple of days, but I survived and am here to tell the tale=)

Day 64
When I saw I had this word I had to take a picture of my dad’s USMC knife…he is very proud of it.IMG_7771-001

Day 65
~what I wore~
It was so warm that I ran in just my sweatshirt…I had just finished three miles and my face is still red=) I don’t like this picture of me. I thought I did looking at it on my camera and when I finally unloaded it a few days later…I totally don’t want to post this, but hey that’s the beauty of a picture-a-day it has to go up, weather I like it or not. IMG_7788-001

Day 66

Day 67
~a mess~
Hannah had just gotten back from the store and the entire house was clean except for her room where she had set her stuff down etc. I ran up there at Victoria’s suggestion to get a picture of a mess! Hannah followed and was blocking my camera the entire time yelling and laughing. So this is the best I got of it=) Just her open drawers…believe me the bed would have been a better description of the word if they would have turned out.  IMG_7815-001

Day 68
Homemade muffins made by my wonderful mom! IMG_7845-001

Day 69
~favorite drink~
yep it’s lemon water….I don’t really drink anything other than water.IMG_7867-001

Day 70
I was so tired taking these late that night. It was minutes till twelve and I was laying on the floor trying to get a decent picture…and falling asleep. Horrible experience. IMG_7881-001

Sorry it took so long to get these up I really tried. Which ones do you like the best?
Happy Thursday!


  1. I think I like the knife picture the best. I also like the picture of you!

  2. Hmmmmm. Stressed out and a pic of a K-bar.

  3. I really like the one of you in your sweats. something about it that to me is natural. But I do like all of them.

    1. Awe thanks...but I looked horrible=)

  4. Victoria AthertonMarch 14, 2014 at 6:52 PM

    I love the picture of Daddy's knife!!! It's amazing :) Keep up the good work! Love you ;)