Wednesday, March 19, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Mar. 12-18

Another week completed I can’t believe I’ve taken a picture a day for two months straight and counting=)
This past weekend I spent all day Saturday cleaning. I cleaned my chicken house, our detached garage and my office. Even though it doesn’t sound like much it was a huge accomplishment! We had a leak in our garage from a frozen pipe and everything had been moved out of one section into another. But it was just moved, not organized. It was moved in hurry and plus we thought it would go right back in in a couple of days. So all of that had to be moved back into it’s original location. Boxes of tools sorted, floors mopped, and the entire place reorganized. The cat’s litter boxes hadn’t been cleaned out soon enough and the dogs had been lift in the garage a little too long. Are you starting to feel see what it was like? I should have gotten a before and after picture but my hands were so covered in “gross” that I honestly never thought about it. My dad’s truck bed was full of trash when the job was finished. Isaac joined me and was a huge help; also a good buddy to laugh with, making the job much more enjoyable.
Okay on to the pictures=) enjoy and please let me know which one you like the best=)

Day 71
~in my fridge~IMG_7944-001

Day 72
~a treat~
Apples ‘n onions for breakfast! My favorite=)IMG_7955-001

Day 73
I share everything in this room with Christina and since we don’t have a chest of drawers at the moment we are both sharing this night stand. Kinda crowded huh? =) IMG_7993-001

Day 74
My mom made this tiny honey cinnamon ring. And if this is not tiny to you you should see the normal size one we make in a 9x13 pan=) This one was so cute. So sticky and warm=) and smelled wonderful.IMG_8001-001

Day 75
~sun ray~
I was very disappointed on Sunday when I woke up to the cold wind howling outside and a low heavy cloud cover.  I had looked forward to this day to try and capture the perfect ray…but as it happens we had an overcast very windy cold day and the sun did not appear once. This is taken looking out the window in my room…such a gloomy day and this note didn’t make it any better. IMG_8017-003

Day 76
Saint Patrick’s Day! IMG_8068-001

Day 77
~where I went~
I went to Orscheln! I bought at heat lamp for my chickens and thistle seed for my mom’s bird. The stuff I spend my money on right?!?!?IMG_8080-001

Hope you are all having a fabulous week and that it just gets better from here…..I know mine is=)
And remember to tell me which photo was your favorite!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah I had a feeling that one would be a favorite=)

  2. Victoria AthertonMarch 20, 2014 at 6:35 AM

    The one of the apples and onions is a pretty neat picture... but of course, I like the "green" one :)

  3. My Favs are Share and Tiny! ~Hannah

    1. you have a few sister to share with also don't you. Thanks for the input=)

  4. I like the Tiny and apples and onions the best:) keep it up.

    1. thanks so much Faith I like the tiny one is always fun to capture on camera=)

  5. That honey cinnamon ring looks delish!

    1. It does doesn't it! It taste just as good as it looked.