Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thank you dinner @ Cracker Barrel

Christina and I spent about two and a half months in Victoria and Hannah’s room, while ours was being renovated, this fall/winter. It had been almost a year since we had shared a room. Wow things were interesting – all of our, sleeping and waking, schedules are so different. But overall it was a very enjoyable time.

We made a ton of memories that I will always treasure. All of the “girls movie nights” on our air-up mattress and the late night talks are just a few of them. The night before Christmas, Grace came home, with us all sleeping in the same room it felt just like old times. I think that was the best memory=)

Hannah and Victoria sacrificed so much to let us stay for this extended time in their room. Victoria opened up her closet for us to share. They allowed us floor space not only to sleep but for the stacks of totes of clothes. Not to mention how much of their furniture had to be rearranged or just moved out of the room. And they dealt with our everyday mess…thanks so much girlys!

Just saying thank you wasn’t enough….so we took them both out to dinner last week. We had such a wonderful time ~ laughing~ talking ~ just being who we are “SISTERS”. I wouldn’t trade my sisters for anything.

And This Was Our DinnerIMG_7438-001



We ate with our coats on it was freezing in there!IMG_7453-001






Christina’s learned how to deal with my camera…just covers her face=)IMG_7483






All unique, but all the same… IMG_7545

How have you said thank you? Have you done anything different than just a card or simply saying thank you?



  1. Olivia, I love these pictures! I think you did a great job! My favorite is the one of you and Victoria. I was just talking with my sisters last night about how we miss seeing all of you girls each Sunday. You all were such a blessing to us during those years. I miss you!

    1. awe we miss you girls too...those years were the best and I wouldn't have traded them for anything in the world=)

  2. I enjoyed these pictures a lot! I have to say I also like the picture of you and Victoria the best:)

  3. Nice picture Olivia!! I think I like the glass of water and the oil lamp pic the best:) Can't wait to see more pics from your trip:)

    1. Thanks Faith...there coming! seriously I have so many and trying to find the time to put them together is tough. But they will all be up before the end of the month.

  4. well done Olivia, I really like the one with just you. looking all innocent and all.

  5. Victoria AthertonMarch 6, 2014 at 10:15 AM

    I should have known all of those pictures you were taking were gonna end up on here :) You girls are SO welcome! It was a pleasure having you in our room and your welcome back any time! I love the picture of the chicken... it was sooooo good!!! Love you both :)

  6. I love CB… green beans and it is just about lunch time