Friday, February 7, 2014

The bird feeder problem!

If you want to see bird’s just put a feeder up and you will see birds, right? Wrong…

I had a feeder up for a month and no birds…I thought bad seed maybe?

Mom asked me to research this problem and get birds to our feeder. So I googled it the next day, and like always found a solution…I needed different kinds of seed etc. because we were starting to feed in a place where birds have never been fed before. Also they suggested moving the feeders to a quieter, less frequented place of the yard.

So I went to Rural King on a mission. I bought thistle, sunflower and regular bird seed. Then I went to Wal-Mart there I bought cheap peanut butter and lard. 

At home that night I made suet with the lard and peanut butter…it smells so good while it’s warm=) I froze it over night and was ready to load my feeders the next day.

So total I have 4 feeders out there - a regular feeder with suet feeders on the side, a thistle feeder, a sunflower feeder and a plain suet feeder.

And I wish the moral of the tale was “now we have birds!” but it’s not we still haven’t gotten any to come…seriously! These feeders are sitting out there birdless. At this rate we will have a very low bird feed bill, always look at the positive side of a problem right?!?!?!?!?


Suet feeder with homemade suet.IMG_4687-001

I even covered the ground in seed…hoping to bring the ground sparrows. I mean we don’t even have one house sparrow and that’s a major issue when you can’t get a sparrow.IMG_4690-001

Has anyone had this problem? all tip and suggestions welcomed=) 



  1. I have not had that problem since we do not have any bird feeders... But, I Hope you get it figured out:)

  2. Your problem is that no birds have found it. Once they find your feeder you will have another problem. keeping it full of feed. Time Olivia is all you need.

    1. Okay we have plenty of that...only need patience now=) thanks so much Tim I told my mom and she felt more hopeful.