Thursday, February 20, 2014

More cooking and the Super Bowl

Pancakes! I lOVe making pancakes…here I tried buckwheat blueberry pancakes. And just believe me they turned out perfect! My family loved them. I only made two batches incase they didn’t turn out. And I just made some of my pumpkin pancakes for the extra two more batches needed to complete the meal,  it takes that to feed my family=) Well I got to talking when I was mixing the dry with the wet and you guessed it I mixed it toooooooooo long and they turned out flat

…okay don’t need the camera now…What’s worse than a fail, documenting that fail on camera=)

Someday I hope to capture the way each of my family members eat their pancakes…it ridiculous=)



I loved the way the blueberries looked while they were cookingIMG_4789-001

Don’t these look amazingly good!IMG_4805-001



Now I’m not a pro football fan…high school, collage maybe…but pro NOPE! But not everyone agrees with me on this point and my grandma is one of them, she’s a avid pro-ball fan.

I literally fell asleep within minutes of taking these pictures…hey the Broncos were losing what more did I need to see?

 I had a test the next day at 7:00 a.m. and my testing center is like 5 minutes from my grandmas (which would make it a good hour from my house) so I went up the night before and stayed with her. Grace is living with her right now. so I got to hang with her and grandma=)

Now this test I was taking was a rescheduled test… I had had to cancel the previous test date due to the weather (no refund=( yeah I’m still not too happy about that one) So I get up the next morning and I’m not going to be late to this one…  A train track crosses the road about two blocks from the testing center on my side.    ….Annnnnnd of course a train is crossing at that time

….so I’m waiting, waiting and waiting.

This train was lonnnng.

Then I notice something…this train is was moving slower and slower.

NO….I tried to believe I was imagining it…but I wasn’t.

Then it happened….

The train stopped dead still in the middle of the track!

WHY OUT OF ALL MORNING! So I did what all girls do, I started started freaking out…lol!      GPS! YES! gotta love it…. I found a way around and was only about 10 minutes late. Totally not the kind of stress needed on a test morning.






I love fun socks! Socks, chap stick and pens are something I could never have too many of=)

Happy Thursday



  1. The pancakes look good! I used to not like football very much either, But I am starting to enjoy watching it with dad now :)

    1. Awe dad's always listened to it in the car while I was growing...maybe if I could have watched it my option might have changed.

  2. The pancakes look great. Great picture Olivia

  3. Those pancakes look amazing!!!!! Love the angle up close by the griddle :) Makes me hungry! And they did turn out good... Aww, Grandma's cat. Love the picture of him laying on the couch. Your doing great!!!!