Wednesday, February 5, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Jan. 29–Feb.4

okay here’s the post you’ve all been waiting on=)

…I will be on vacation next Wednesday (I’m going on a cruise yay! from Feb. 9-14) but will put a up the next photo-a-day post as soon as I recover from the immense amount of rest that I will be getting=)  I’m not taking my computer with me…for the first time in a little over two years that I won’t have access to my computer for more than two days! I’m pretty nervous about not having it, it’s like a piece of me, how can I leave it behind. But of course I’m not leaving my camera behind and should have lot’s of pictures to share on my return.

Day 29


under a lot of stress…this is our room the night after we moved in…and I cleaned all of this up before I went to bed. I went to bed closer to 12 am than not=)IMG_4617-001

Day 30

~a number~

The number 4=) from Christina and my movie collectionIMG_4774-001

Day 31



Day 32



Day 33



Day 34

~a game~

Grace, Isaac and Hannah were playing this game…IMG_4878-001

Day 35

~a routine~

My makeup…part of my morning routine. Every morning I do the same thing in the same order even down to my makeup. In half hour segments.

4:30-5:00 wake up, drink water, workout

5:00-5:30 get dressed, makeup, hair

5:30-6:00 feed my chickens and cat, pack my lunch, make my breakfast

6:00-6:30 start my car, eat, morning devotions

6:30-7:00 lost in my drive to work

7:00-7:30 feed my horse, and all the other horses and dogs at the location where I work.

finally sit down at my desk to work the day away at 7:30.

And that’s my morning routine…even if you could have cared less to know.


Let me know what you think, and please let me know what your favorite picture was.



  1. I hope you have a good time on your trip!! my favorite pictures are the stop sign and the keys.

    1. oh i sure hope i do as well. And thanks!

  2. I thought you had great pictures of everything. But I really liked the keys the best.

    1. Thanks for your input...the key picture was on the top of my favorite from this week as well

  3. My favorite is day 34 ~A Game~ you did good job on getting the right angle and focus. I hope you enjoy your vacation! I don't think you will miss the weather here. :)

    1. Thanks Hannah, always love your thoughtful feedback. Yeah I don't think I will be missing this below zero, snow weather at all=)

  4. I will miss your post until you get back from your trip! I hope you have fun!! Can't wait to see pictures of it. I also like ~A Game~ the best:)

  5. I have to vote for the keys as well.

    1. Thanks so the response I got for the keys! =) lol!

  6. Oh wow... my favorite is probably the keys! Such a neat angle :) It is so fun to hear you talking about what kind of a picture you have to get that day and then seeing them on your blog after you take them. Your doing great!!!!

  7. I personally liked the keys best! And the yahtzee one.