Tuesday, February 25, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Feb. 12-18

It’s late, but I wanted to get this post up before tomorrow. Life has been super crazy the past few days. This weekend was spent with family. Jonathan and his boys stopped in Saturday night. Grace came out for the weekend. And then my oldest sister came by for lunch on Sunday and Joseph showed up Sunday night…just to hang out. So it was a fun weekend just didn’t get a lot of stuff like this post done. Also on Saturday I attended the The Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show…so many people were there…and if you weren’t in camo you were out of place=) I didn’t take my camera along, just used my phone camera for a few pictures I felt I needed to get. It was actually nice not having it for once. I think I kinda get wrapped up in taking the pictures I forget to just relax and have a good time.

Day 43


one of the many things for sale on the capital island of the Bahamas…IMG_6296-001

Day 44


looks so good!!!! Cheese cake is there anything better? I’ll answer that=) Nope!IMG_7032-001

Day 45

~love is…~

love is…calling my mom as soon as we reach Miami Florida after visiting the Bahamas. We had to turn our phones off due to data roaming. We hadn’t talked to anyone back home since we left. I woke up Friday morning looked out the window and woke Christina up and we both turned our phones on. I had to wait on my to quit buzzing for a bit…I had a lot of text and emails that were just now coming through. IMG_7064-001

Day 46

~I dislike…~

I dislike snow when I cancels our flight home. Our flight was cancelled on Friday due to the snow and on Saturday it was delayed twice. We had to spend the night in Cleveland Ohio Friday night. Talk about getting so close to home and then not being able to go…don’t worry we made the best of it and went to the mall=)IMG_7171-001

Day 47

~around town~IMG_7258-001

Day 48

~what I wore~

Not the best looking outfit…now looking at it this picture I’m wondering why I left my jacket on…IMG_7265-001

Day 49


sunshine coming through my window at work. I was very fortunate that the day I had this word the sun was actually shining.IMG_7283-001

Happy Tuesday everyone=)



  1. Love the picture of Christina on the phone with Mom... I will never forget how happy Mom was to FINALLY hear from you girls!!! She is definitely an amazing Mom and worried about you two the whole time you were gone. I think my favorite picture is of the cheese cake... (wonder why....) ;)

    1. I know we missed her as well...alot! Ikr! the cheese cake was awesome.

  2. My favorite picture is The Cheese Cake:) I also like the picture of the snow falling on the rail.

    1. the snow falling on the rail is my personal favorite...=) thanks gracie

  3. Hey Olivia! How are you?
    You take wonderful pictures!

    1. Awe thanks Hannah! I'm doing wonderful...wow it's been forever how's everyone? anything exciting or new?

  4. We are all doing great! Nothing really new or exciting going on here. Well, we have 4 goats that are going to have there kids sometime soon. Well I guess you could call that exciting.
    How are all of you doing?

    1. Awe that's so neat...do you milk them? We are doing great...life is moving along a a super fast pace, sometimes I wish for my time in highschool back when life was less complex. What year of school are you in?