Wednesday, February 26, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Feb. 19-25

Hey everyone!
It’s Wednesday! I love Wednesdays because I finally get into the swing of the work week, after getting off my normal schedule from the weekend. I try my best not to stay up late over the weekend but living in the same house with all these “night hawks” makes it kinda hard…=) I take all the blame though I could easily go to bed but it’s always funner (I know that’s not a word=) hanging out with all my awesome siblings and or friends.
Enjoy the pictures below and don’t forget to tell me which photo is your favorite=) And I promise my Bahama cruise pictures are coming…soon…

Day 50
~lights~ IMG_7302-001

Day 51
~in a pocket~
Christina ready for work…right before she walked out the door I noticed her pocket and was like STOP I gotta get a picture of IMG_7315-001

Day 52
My baby’s eyes…they’re beautiful!IMG_7333-001

Day 53
My diary…see what you get to see with this photo-a-day thing?!?! and not one gets to read my diary…=)IMG_7354-001

Day 54
~favorite thing~
My favorite thing are “fat baby” boots…they are so comfortable. I would wear them over any shoe if I could.IMG_7388-001

Day 55
~listening to…~
Listening to my sister talking…I have to remember to enjoy this time while were young and our lives allow us to be together someday I will look back and really miss these days.IMG_7420-001

Day 56
~every day I…~
Every day I brush my teeth three times=) With braces brushing your teeth is something you cannot and won’t forget to do. IMG_7437-001

Happy Wednesday!!!
Let me know what you think=)


  1. Love them all Olivia. You take great pictures. If I had to pick I would say the boots.

    1. Thanks so much Tim. Yay! I love the boots as well

  2. I think my favorite picture is your horses eyes!

    1. yeah that would have to be my favorite as well...

  3. Wow... These are some incredible pictures!!! I love the picture of Sam's eyes! Horse have the most amazing eyes: so understanding. I also love the picture of the boots! It's not the typical angle which makes it fun :) Keep up the good work!