Sunday, December 21, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Dec 10-16

As you can tell I missed several days posting here on the blog…but before you jump to conclusion let me say a word in my defense. I wasn’t taking a break for Christmas or anything…I know you won’t believe me. I did skip Friday on purpose (I just had too much going on with work) and then on Monday my personal computer started quickly slowing down. And me, like every other dummy out there, tried to buy and install anti-virus protection right when I noticed the problem. To say it was way too late would be an understatement. So I took my computer to the “computer doctor” and everything was taken care of in five days. But that’s FIVE whole days! I was lost without it…but there’s some good to be found in every bad situation…and this proved to be no exception.

Last weekend was a whirlwind….mostly spent in the warm kitchen. Friday I had my monthly dentist appointment (btw: good news folks! I get these braces off in February) and I had a eye doctors appointment that night, as well. After getting my eyes dilated, I was so glad that I have previous prescription glasses, they helped a ton to get me through the rest of that night. I baked dozen and dozens of chocolate chip cookies for our local fire departments and police station. The guy’s faces when I dropped them off, Saturday morning, was thanks enough=)

Then on Sunday, after church, I turned on the oven and started to bake muffins, for my dad to drop off at all of his customers on Monday. I’m not sure how many I made total but the oven finally turned off at 7:00 pm and it had not been empty for over five minutes at a time, till that time. I made applesauce muffins, banana/chocolate chip muffins, cranberry pecan muffins and carrot cake muffins. I believe they turned out well….my many test taster ate a great deal of them, it was fun to see them take a bite and their eyes light up. The gift baskets looked beautiful, (thanks to Christina for ALL of her help) and the customers were very applicative.

Sunday night I was joined by my parents and Christina in my late night, basket filling campaign. You know that time, somewhere between twelve (at night) and one (in the morning) where everything starts to get funny…but when Christina gets started and my mom can’t quit laughing, you might as well shoot me. Monday morning I missed my alarm. And I’m so thankful for a boss that when I tell him I’m going to be late, his response is “take your time” =) did I mention I love my job.

Okay on to the loads of “photo-a-day photos” have been patiently waiting to be posted. Enjoy!!!!


Day 344


I’m in love with Frosty the Snowman that I even named a horse after him…haha no joke!!IMG_6481-2

Day 345


shopping for ingredients for all the muffins I made for my dad’s customers…there’s almost nothing I enjoy more than shopping for groceries. IMG_6501-2

Day 346

~tree~ IMG_6517-2

Day 347


Our neighbors house on this gloomy, rainy, cold day. Perfect weather to stay indoors…IMG_6562-2

Day 348

~front door~IMG_6741-2

Day 349


sitting a top our manger (I love Christmas decorations!!!)IMG_6760-2

Day 350


I’ve been slowly watching my way through these movies…so far I’ve watched four completely through=)IMG_6762-2

Christmas is almost here!!!!! Like this is Christmas week! And I’m looking forward to every bit of this week…from all the late night movies, shopping and baking. It’s going to be an awesome holiday!!!!

hope your week is fantastic!!!!




  1. Always enjoy your photos and you have a good heart Olivia. wish there was more people like you in this world. gives me hope for our future when I see young people like you doing the things you do. Merry Christmas my friend.