Thursday, March 26, 2015

True Friend

These past couple of months I’ve really been looking at MY life, MY relationships, MY goals, MY focuses and all the other MY’s =) yeah I really just wrote all that…haha  But none of these compare to my sister=)
What’s a true friend? I know all the normal things someone will rattle off in response to this question. Ummmm a true friend is always there. A true friend makes you laugh. A true friend will answer the phone as early or as late when you call. (and I could go on and on)
But seriously is that a true friend. This is my definition of a true friend? Someone who isn’t afraid to tell you when they think (know) your wrong. Someone you don’t have to say a word too and you’ve both spoken volumes. This is the kind of friend I have in my sister.
She turns 23 today!!! She’s as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.
Dear Christina,
In childhood we did not understand the gift wrapped up in a greater plan. Time has taught us about the bond of love, and through that love we have chosen friendship. We have learned together, sharing the good times and the bad, and no matter what, there has always been love. You are my sister always, my friend forever.
Love you to the moon and back=)
Your sis <3

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