Monday, March 9, 2015

Two years and a new smile=)

“I’m excited and scared all together. Will I look different afterwards or will I look the same, better or worse, etc. Well, let me go down one more unknown path and hopefully I’ll come out a better person.” Excerpt from my journal on  March 23, 2013 after my first appointment orthodontist.

I was looking through my “before” pictures and decided to some together that show my journey with braces from 19 years old to now 21=) It’s so hard to believe it was that long…now looking back…and it’s strange posting so many pictures of myself…haha.



“Excited! But I don’t know if I’m ready for braces or not…hum…I guess ready or not here they come.” April 19, 2013


“Christina and I had a double appointment=) So much fun…I talked Christina into getting the same color rubber bands and ties.” Jan. 10 , 2014


”Can barely open my mouth and I feel miserable…It hurts so bad I can’t eat, let alone talk. I hate braces!“ Nov. 1, 2013


“Hopefully I’ll have them off by Christmas=)” April 11, 2014 Completely didn’t happen…haha but it was close…and I broke a bracket off, eating the forbidden hard Christmas candy. Oh well I just couldn’t help myself=)


I have the best parents in the world! They encouraged me to get braces but let me know I would be paying for them in full, all by myself. It was the first thing I actually had to work for, one hundred percent by myself. It was common knowledge in our home, growing up, that if you wanted something bad enough you could find a way to get it, yourself. Nothing was ever handed to me, ever…and that’s the way it should be. I’m so grateful for this amazing foundational principle in my life…it’s shaped the values and work ethic I have now as an adult. I thank God everyday for my wonderful parents=)


The night before…last time ever with braces!!!


I’m so glad all the tooth brush carrying around, on my person, wherever I go is finally over. I won’t miss it=) All those self conscience times, while enjoying food with friends, I was just hoping that food wasn’t caught in one of the brackets or wire. All those time running or working out in the cold…when all the metal just almost felt like it was going to choke me.  It seemed as though it would take some time to get use to not having braces again, but it hasn’t at all! Besides having to remember to put my retainer in, I completely don’t think about them not being in my mouth…


Can’t stop smiling=)

“I’m braces free! My teeth feel so smooth and my mouth so empty. I kinda’ miss my braces. May of 2013 I got them put on, I was 19 and now I’m 21 with a beautiful smile.” Feb. 25, 2015. It was so worth it!!!! I’m so thankful for all the people that encouraged me to get them “while I was still young.”

Samuel stopped by for a surprise visit this past weekend and about fell over once he noticed I didn’t have braces. He’s the only one that actually really noticed my teeth growing up. He said he had been waiting on this day (when I finally had straight teeth a perfect smile) forever.



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    1. Thanks Wade!!! I'm learning to like it=)

  2. You have a gorgeous smile. Glad you think it was worth it. Oh by the way the sweater and scarf look great on you. I do miss the camo. ;-)

    1. Thanks...I'm getting used to my "new" smile. Awe thanks...I do wear clothes other than camo=)...

  3. Yew! Congrats! What a new and exciting feeling!

    1. Thanks Devon, it definitely is=)

  4. I am SO excited for you! Although I only had braces for 4 short months, I still feel your pain and I can only image having braces for 2 years... That's a LONG time! It will be fun to see each other without braces when I get home. I can't believe I've been gone for 4 months. Can't wait to see you! Love you tons :)

    1. awe....

      now i'm sad=( but hey it's closer to you coming home today than yesterday=)

      Crazy!! in a way it seems like you have and then it doesn't.

  5. Your teeth look great! Great job hanging in there these past two years :) Your smile is absolutely gorgeous! Never stop smiling :-)

  6. Getting braces can be a scary change, although I'm sure you'd agree that they were well worth the scary experience, now that you've witnessed its working wonders firsthand. Hahaha! In any case, your new smile looks amazing, Olivia! Congratulations on saying goodbye to braces! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC

    1. Thanks so much! It was so worth it=)

  7. You really have a better smile now, Olivia! You must be really happy that you took this braces journey on, as the result it gave you is really worth it. Kudos to you for taking the leap of faith, despite feeling scared at the thought of it at the beginning. Cheers!

    Nicky Waller @ My Grand Dental

    1. was worth all the pain, somedays (like recently when I had my wisdom teeth pulled) I regret it temporarily but overall I couldn't be happier=)