Sunday, August 4, 2013

Joseph…such a nice guy!

“hey Olivia can you take pictures of me” yeah being the only one in the family with a camera I hear this quite often. And yes this is what Josie asked…”sure!” I have nothing better to do… No really it’s not that bad, just when I have other things to do. And when I have the time and want too, they aren’t in the mood=P so you get the idea

He just got back from a mission trip to Hungary…He had a very positive impact in a lot of lives over there and came back a very different (in a good way) person=) Sharing about the love of Jesus to those who have no hope.

Love ya’ man keep up the good work!

His dark complexion and chiseled features make his pictures so much fun!




IMG_4534-002Isn’t he handsome? or am I just his sister?…

Not to mention he’s one of the nicest guys you will every have the opportunity to meet


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