Monday, March 16, 2015

breakfast with two lovelies

A “I miss you and hope to see you soon” email resulted in a spare of the moment, girls breakfast, date at Ann's Restaurant. Yummy pancakes (yeah I’m actually starting to like them) and chocolate milk. Don’t judge me=) we all have a kid in us, somewhere…amiright??? And it was so good!!!!


I’ve known these girls forever (check this afternoon I spent with them) We went to the same church for a few years when we were all younger. And then it was more I was about the age they are now and they we’re well, younger than that. So I spent a lot of time playing and talking to these sweet kids and we’ve just kept in touch every since…via letters and emails. One day I turned around and I was reading an email from a teenager. An email full of all the fears, joys and big questions in life. It was like they grew up over night and the best part about it is that they’ve grown into life long friends. Girls I can share stuff with. Girls that actually give me helpful advice for my world. Girls that when we get together it’s like we just hung out yesterday=)


The atmosphere here was so homey, pleasant and happy at this restaurant. We stayed for a good hour and a half. (and that may be a modesty guess) Our food appeared in the perfect amount of time, from a very sweet waitress…in jeans. (Another reason to love this place) And while we ate we could enjoy the view of the beautiful Franklin courthouse from our window.


We all agreed that we are going to have to get together more often. And even threw around the idea of trying to make this happen once a month…and maybe even try a different Franklin restaurant each time. Finding time in my busy schedule will definitely have to happen…did I mention that I love these girlys?? 

So here’s to many more breakfasts together!!!!



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