Wednesday, December 24, 2014

why my Christmas Eve isn’t what I expected….


This Christmas Eve’s memory will be dampened by the death of Duke. He’s been with us, since 2000. I actually can’t even remember the time, he wasn’t around. Those kind eyes, the funny way he howled when we came home, and all that fur (it smelled bad, but hey now it doesn’t seem so bad).

I was the one that drove him to the vet, to have him…well…I don’t like to say it…so you get the idea. Leaving him there was horrible…but when they told us to say goodbye, it was almost too much!

So here’s to all the wonderful memories with, this lovely creature we named Duke.  I feel like every single piece of my childhood is slowly but surely fading…and the passing of Duke is no exception.  All the walks in the woods, and all the times he’d go swimming or fishing with us, this list could go on and on. I miss that place and that time so much! Oh well it’s part of growing up, I guess…and these are the painful parts.


Goodbye Duke…I loved you!






Christmas is tomorrow! So smile=)




  1. My heart goes out to you my friend. I know just how you feel.

  2. Aww that is so sad! We had a dog die a few years ago so I know how sad it is :(