Tuesday, December 23, 2014

casey crocker’s No Bake Cake Batter Truffles

“Welcome, winter. Your late dawns and chilled breath makes me lazy, but I love you nonetheless.” –Terri Guillemets

It’s officially WINTER!!!!! yay! we a have few months a head of us that will be stuffed full with cozy clothes, warm drinks, lots of comfort foods, sweets and bunches of family time. I mean we’ve already started the “every nights a movie night” thing here at my house. I can’t possible watch them all with them, but I’m starting to fall asleep listening to classic Christmas movies like “It’s a wonderful life”.

Casey and I decided on these delicious Truffles for Christmas, something simple yet so yummy! These would be perfect as a last minute treat to add to your Christmas Day goodies or even to make with the kids=) These would be simple perfect for any Holiday party.

Casey cooks with such ease, it simply amazes me! Never rushes or makes mistakes. Definitely the model cook=)

Check out the recipe over on Casey’s blog=) be sure to let her what you think!


IMG_5600-2IMG_5602-2IMG_5609-2IMG_5620-2By far my favorite picture of them all=)IMG_5631-2IMG_5633-2IMG_5650-2IMG_5658-2IMG_5669-2IMG_5670-2IMG_5684-2I blinked every. single. time. she hit the table with this, surprisingly I got one clear picture=)IMG_5712-2It smelled so good! The peppermint….IMG_5724-2IMG_5733-2IMG_5737-2IMG_5747-2IMG_5846 (2)IMG_5846-2IMG_5851-2IMG_5854-2IMG_5866-3IMG_5867-2IMG_5872-2IMG_5876-2So lovely!IMG_5883-2IMG_5904-2IMG_5910-2IMG_5913-2IMG_5938-2IMG_5940-2

I ate one…no maybe two…they were absolutely perfect!

What Holiday treats have you been making lately




  1. Where's the milk??? Look delish!!!!

  2. The condensed milk is what hold the cake mix together...