Tuesday, December 2, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Nov 26-Dec 1

I ran the drumstick dash again this year. Even though Christina and I did it together, we didn’t run together. I ran alone and it was positively boring…I shouldn’t HAVE to run so fast then. I should be fine with running slower. I had my first cup of coffee, in over a year, after finishing this race – I deserved it after running in that freezing weather. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! no sweetener just straight black=) We stopped by my grandmas to enjoy a bit of the traditional meal. The cranberry salad, my mom made, was excellent! It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it.

I went hunting all day Friday with Steve (my boss) and Isaac, way down in Canaan Indiana. We didn’t see anything, but had a wonderfully grand time out there in the woods. This was my very first all day hunt. And let me tell you it was perfect! I had such a good time=) Sitting there, thinking. All by myself all day long, no phones ringing, no costumer needing anything, I didn’t have to put my glasses on all day, and I didn’t have to talk to a soul. A neighbor dog came out of the woods and began barking at me non-stop for the first half hour of legal shooting. Tried my patience to the max, to say the least.

Sunday my mom and Victoria sang the Handle’s Messiah with a community choir. I’ve listened to this song all my life on CD’s my mom has blared off and on my entire life …but have never ever heard it live. It was beautiful – the hallelujah chorus gave me the chills. Everyone standing to their feet wow!!!! Mom has worked so hard the past few months to get to this point…music lessons etc. She’s one of the best singers I’ve heard (of course I’m bias) but come on, believe me, she like sang opera in collage…so I hope you get the picture of how GOOD she really is=) She underestimates herself so much…All of us kids were there to hear her sing, minus only one - Jonathan. She was so happy…and that’s when she’s the most beautiful to me.


Day 330

~starts with “S”~

Spice=) The king of the spices in my book is cinnamon…I love the smell, taste, looks everything about it. IMG_6052-2

Day 331


Day 332

~a blessing~

We cooked our normal stuffed Thanksgiving turkey for Sunday. This stuffing is soooo good! we only have it once a year and wow after I eat it - every time no fail, I wonder why we don’t make it more often that this.IMG_6090-2

Day 333


no kidding it was fifty-three degrees, it felt like a heat wave. I went running in a tank top and actually was pouring sweat=) I could totally get used to this!IMG_6136-2

Day 334

~I went…~

I went to the Handle’s Messiah performance=)  IMG_6264-2

Day 335


Mailing out the Christmas letters to soldier. I will be mailing out 31 letters to 31 soldiers this month. IMG_6277-2

Day 335

~red & white~

I’ve actually begun my in store Christmas shopping!!! IMG_6389-2


Happy Wednesday Folks!!!



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  1. Good pictures! My favorite one is ~Starts with "S"~ and ~Red and White~ Great job on all of them!