Friday, September 5, 2014

life in August…

these pictures take me down “memory lane”

back when all five of us sisters and our mom would can together during the hot summer. We’d all pick the produce together early in the morning and the rest of the day we labored away in the kitchen preparing food for the pantry. Lunch would be out on the picnic table…such a nice break from the messy kitchen. Mom would normally read something more on the lines of lecturing than not=) then we’d pull ourselves away from the table and back to work we’d all go.


now a days I normally come home and just help fix dinner, the canning is already done=(

here’s a rare occasion where I actually helped mom put up banana peppers…she had to take a picture for proof I think=)IMG_7016-001

He just eats…=)IMG_7020-001

how was your summer? did you do any canning?



  1. All those canned goods look awesome! I just love your smile Olivia!! :D I have not really canned anything this year...

  2. Your Moms green beans are the BEST!!! She gave us some on Sunday. They were SO good! I love the picture of you! You are so adorable. :D ~Hannah Ison