Thursday, September 4, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Aug 27–Sept 2

This is a day late, only because Labor Day was Monday and I got all my days mixed together. But my long weekend was wonderful. Other than for work…weekends like this wreaks havoc on my work schedule and it left me with loads of dead lines and no time to get the work accomplished. But that’s life and it would get boring if every week you didn’t have a lot a bit of stress. Right?!?!?

Saturday was the annual fall Amish school auction for this community. Sooo I had several groups of Amish to take to the sale that morning and spent a few hours chatting with neighbors and friends before returning home to clean and cook for the expected company the following day. It rained and the humidly destroyed my hair, so I was more than happy to spend the rest of the day at home=) At one point I was flipping pancakes, putting cookies in and out of the oven, and mixing the bread together, all at the same time. Christina had to work, boy did I missed her! She’s normally tasting what I’m making, washing dishes, flipping pancakes or whatever else I need done=)

Sunday I spent it cooking (so it was perfect…haha) and enjoying the company of friends that evening. The lovely Ison sisters -Hannah, Gracie, Faith and Charity - were able to come…some of life’s dearest friends…I love these girls and was over joyed that they (along with their family) could come and spend the afternoon with me us. We played croquet…I absolutely love this game. I stayed up late with both of my younger brothers watching a James Dean movie in my room…it was actually pretty good, they both stayed awake the entire movie. When I asked Samuel afterwards if he liked it, he said he didn’t know….haha, I can’t decide if I did either. There was so much to grasp, for that old of a movie…I was pretty impressed with how deep it was.

Labor day I was up before daylight again to head down to Canaan Indiana. A morning of horse back riding with my boss and Isaac. I didn’t take any pictures even though I had my camera, it was rainy (my only excuse)…but still it felt good to just ride and really hang out with Sam and not be troubled with my camera. He handled the day better than the other two horses, even though he is years older then them. An absolute perfect day, with a lovely sunset to conclude it.

So on to the pictures…

Day 239


Day 240

~a routine~

this is my daily schedule book, I can’t live without it…seriously! I wouldn’t know what to do next=) IMG_8352-001

Day 241


Day 242


the best I could do…Hannah’s herb clutter. She prepares a lot of our dried herbs that we use for cooking and teas.IMG_8360-001

Day 242


give a baby a cookie and you won’t hear a sound…haha. She’s so adorible <3IMG_8386-001

Day 243


I think the picture says it all.IMG_8449-001

Day 244

~hard work~

these boots have really been through it…so I after I got a new pair, I retired them and planted flowers in them=)IMG_8500-002

Happy Thursday and please let me know which one’s you like most!




  1. Great pictures. I see a lot of feelings in these.

  2. I just love all of these Olivia!! You did awesome!! Of course my favorite is Hope:) But I also really like the boots, and the flag, all of them:)

    1. thanks Grace!...awe i know right she's adorable=)

  3. Love the pictures. I REALLY enjoyed Sunday. You are such a great friend. ~Hannah Ison