Monday, September 15, 2014

What I did with my old boots….


Christina bought me some new boots for my birthday (she’s the BEST!) I love them! My old pair was worn out, I wear them everyday and it’s hard on a pair of boots. I loved these…I had worn them in and they fit perfect. Now it will be difficult going through the whole wearing in process again. I had the camo ones for over a two years. I wore the leather out on the inside by riding and they had begun to leak…not fun and I was so over wet socks=) haha but as I mentioned before I love these boots and am not ready to throw them away just yet….

….so I planted flowers in them=) and set them out on the front porch=) to look at for a month more.


Lovely right?!?!?!? I think the purple goes wonderfully with the camo…

Have you ever done anything like this…please comment below and tell me=)


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  1. That's neat! Yeah, my Mom took all of us girls old rain boots and put them on a white picket fence with a bunch of flowers in them. ~Hannah