Monday, September 22, 2014

Color RAD Run 09/06/14

This run was so fun and easy! it makes a world of difference who you run with too…this guy is the BEST running buddy=) pushes me, but still waits on me.

We ran this 5K is just under 20 minutes=) my fastest 3 miles so far.

I woke up to someone making breakfast…my mom had gotten up early so her and dad could go up to Indy with us and watch us run!

my morning face…=)IMG_8663-001IMG_8664-001IMG_8674-001IMG_8684-001He doesn’t look all the way awake to me=)IMG_8694-001my wonderful supportive parents…IMG_8710-001IMG_8714-001IMG_8719-001mom took this…I love it!IMG_8723-001IMG_8727-001IMG_8734-001We were the second two over the finish line=)IMG_8812-001IMG_8819-001IMG_8821-001Here we are with this guy, he was first place=) fast little guyIMG_8823-001

Have you ever run a 5K?