Wednesday, May 14, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ May 7–May 13

One word to describe this week


I love spring rains! Don’t you???

I’m listening to it drumming on my roof as I write this.

We had a windy storm hit last night while we were celebrating Grace’s birthday and it completely paused the gift opening. Which continued as soon as we could see our neighbors house again=) our garden really needs this rain, so it’s a good thing.


Day 127


I know this one’s kinda lame but I didn’t really know of any other way to take a picture to describe that word…any suggestions??? IMG_0674-001

Day 128


my mama’s idea and yeah that is sugar on the rose=) IMG_0720-001

Day 129


Day 130

~something new~

my sisters just bought this pitcher…a beautiful addition to their Victorian decorated room=) IMG_0739-001

Day 131


finally!!!! this is the first sky photo, that I’ve taken a picture of, that described the word of the day=)IMG_0955-001

Day 132


my mama…this was the first time I’ve actually had a mini photo shoot with just my mom,  she’s a wonderful subject!IMG_1040-001

Day 133

~a friend~

Since for some reason I didn’t have my camera with me all day other than that night….I will have to be content to use this photo of my sister, she’s also a friend=)IMG_1123-001

Please let me know which are your favorites

and have a fabulous Wednesday!



  1. I like the reflection of the house in the sunglasses.

    1. Thanks Wade...I was sorta unhappy with the turn out of that photo, but you're helping me like it better=)

  2. I always enjoy your photos Olivia. I like all of them. you caught the 1960's with the sun glasses and I love the rose with sugar. That photo could be used on a romance novel. And all the ladies are gorgeous.
    Well done

    1. Thanks Tim....your supportive comments are such a joy to read.

  3. I like ~a friend~ and ~flashback~ The best! Good Job!

  4. My favorite is "Sugary". I also really like the picture of Grace. Great job! ~Hannah

    1. Awe wow I didn't guess that sugary would be anyone's favorite, but then again what do I know=) thanks Hannah!

  5. Really like the rose picture! :)