Wednesday, September 10, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Sept 3 – Sept 9


I went up to Shipshewana for my 6 week’s check up. This time Ally and Christina went along…but more about this amazing trip in a later post=)

I was busy with taxes this passed weekend…trying to get everything done before the deadline. I believe we made it. I haven’t breathed for the last month it feels like=) so hopefully I’m done with the 12 hour days=)

I stayed up late Friday night with Christina and watched the BBC North and South…we finished at two in the morning! it was the best fun, I had never seen it. And it was actually good enough to keep me awake through the entire thing.

Isaac and I ran in the Color RAD run on Saturday morning and easy 5K…and I believe he’s almost convinced me to run a mini marathon once more, but this time he promises to join me (if it was just for the training, I’m in….lol).  knowing myself I probably will….

I’m leaving for North Carolina again today! =) this time we’re driving and I’m with my two younger brothers and parents. Vacation spent with family is always fun and I’m sure this will be no different. I got everything done, and myself in the car. Didn’t think I would…haha=) But we’re on our way, seven hours in the car with these crazy brothers of mine should be a lot of fun. And also sharing a room with them…okay I just need to take a lot of pictures=)

Day 246


The Amish we raising this barn! it’s going up nicely=)IMG_8545-002

Day 247

~exercise~IMG_8646-001Day 248


My mom’s taking voice lesson and preparing for the upcoming Messiah performance, I believe in December. I love listening to anyone who can sing, sing. And the other day she waited till later in the day to practice and I was actually at home. Yeah it was lovely=) I can’t wait to hear her sing with the choir=) it’s going to be awesome!IMG_8649-001Day 249


Day 250


Day 251

~a sport~

Gotta’ love siblings that are so willing to model for my pictures IMG_8875-001

Day 252


My boss’s empty chair…he was out of the office all day. IMG_8877-001

Can’t wait to share all about this mini vacation fun with you all!

Headed to warmer weather and sunshine!!!!! So the rest of my week will be awesome, I hope your is too.

What will you be doing?



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