Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jimmy Nash Park Hill, Martinsville Indiana

It’s so interesting going back to your parents childhood stomping grounds. The Jimmy Nash Park Hill (just called Park Hill by my parents) is one of those places. Over looking the city of Martinsville. I wonder if my parents ever thought that their kids would someday be standing in the same place looking over the same view. A view to them so familiar, one filled with many childhood memories.

As the cool breeze brushed my face…I stood in silence just taking in the view…from the field below, to the tree line meeting the sky. So far away, yet seeming so close. The valley below all in a hustle and bustle, everyone going about their individual days. Faintly I hear the sound of the city traffic and children’s laughter in the city pool below. But up here all is peaceful.


View from the top…


Walking up the hill…IMG_4313-002


IMG_4324-002There’s a picnic table at the top






IMG_4353-002A perfect spot to take pictures…


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