Thursday, August 29, 2013

Project For Work…

In high school I worked for my dad at his pallet business, some during the summer.  To help him get caught up on work. (along with several of my siblings) We cut wood, built pallets, sorted used pallets, repaired pallets, everything you can think of…for/with pallets=)  I HATED IT! I swore I would never work for myself, or work with pallets=) I especially remember the summer when both of my older brothers left the state, and yeah the extra work load was huge.  It was so hot that year and I felt like all I did was pull out splinters and eat dust. It’s very manual and just dirty work, I was completely worn out when I got home at night. I don’t think summer school helped things out at all either.

While taking these pictures last Saturday I had to smile.

It’s 2013~I’ve been graduated for a year.

I own my own business (work for myself, and it’s really not THAT bad…lol)


……Am a full time secretary for a…yeah you guessed it…pallet business! My dad says that Atherton’s have it in their blood and we will all work with pallets our entire lives….nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

So the moral here is never say never=)










I love it when work and photography come together…

I used a lot more effect in these photos than I normally do…

What do you all think?!?!



  1. I like all the effects in the pictures, I think all the pallets look cool stacked up like that:)

  2. So neat! They look good! We have been getting a lot of pallets, from Dads business, Ison General Contracting. He is saving them to maybe build a play house, or whatever we need them for. We used a lot to stack hay on.