Thursday, August 1, 2013

4th Birthday Party!!!!!!

Dear Maximus,

Today July 28th you turned 4 years old. For a 4 year old you have already experienced a lot in life. Both good and bad. You’re a strong kid though and are going to grow up to be a sweet young man. Life will never stop throwing hard things your way…overcome them and never quit smiling. Always love those around you especially your dad, mom and older brother…they are the most important people in your life! I can’t wait to see the things you will do in the coming years. And I look forward to watching you grow up. I love you “till the mountains come tumbling down”=)

                                                                Your Aunt



IMG_4193-002It was a camouflaged themed party=)


We had hot dogs his favorite…yeah for a birthday party…lolIMG_4198-002

IMG_4199-002Served with home made pickles and potato chips





IMG_4221-002To cute…eyes closed during the prayer

BirIMG_4246-003Birthday Boy!

IMG_4250-002Blue frosted cup cakes…yeah everyone was sticking out their blue tongues

IMG_4264-002The birthday boys daddy…enjoying a cupcake! Love ya’ Jonathan


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